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(breakdown of each clan)

(breakdown of each clowder)


the area sits in a valley. the center of the valley is a large plains-like terrain, with various streams flowing around its borders, as the whole field is up on a plateau. to the north of the fields, coming down from the mountain, is a river, which flows to the east, away from the mountain. there's a mountain to the west, fyi, which has caves and pockets and some pine trees on it. the trees continue down the mountain to the south of the field, in a massive pine forest that stretches for miles and miles to the south. just south of the mountain, still quite a ways above the forest, is a flat, rocky expanse, with sparse shrubs here or there. to the east of the plains is more forest, which eventually reaches a massive lake, big enough for the cats to consider it sea-like, as nobody has ever walked around it/gone across it in order to prove otherwise.

clans: (feel free to add more or share terrains with multiple clans)

plains (center)- SunClan
river (north)- StreamClan
mountainside (west)- EtherClan
pine forest (north, east, south)- PineClan
rocky expanse (southwest, just south of the mountainside)- gia???
the edges of the expanse, pine forest, and meadows (southwesternish) - StormClan