StreamClan is a Clan of cats living on an island isolated from the rest of the land by two branches of a small river, called Dell River. The river is always icy cold, as its source lies on the mountain; mostly snowmelt from the peaks. The island the Clan's camp is on has many small willows, with one rather large one on the center of the island; this is the leader's, medicine cats, and deputy's den. All members of the Clan, except for the elders and queens, make their nests up in the willows. The elders and queens have dens on the ground, with nests that float during the flood season. Cats here tend to have long fur, though shorthaired cats are common enough. Pelt colours range from dark to light; colour doesn't matter, as the Clan relies on fish as their primary food source.

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Redstar: a plump red tabby and white tom. Roleplayed by Fernflight.


Minnowfang: grey and white tabby molly. Roleplayed by Neha

Medicine CatEdit

Coming Soon


Rosecloud: red tabby and white she-cat. Redstar's sister. Roleplayed by Fernflight.
Russetheart: red tabby and white tom. Redstar's brother. Roleplayed by Fernflight.
Tippelt: cinnamon tortoiseshell and white molly. Roleplayed by Osp.
Coppersplash: ginger tabby tom. Roleplayed by Rainlegs.
Stoneleaf: blue tom. Roleplayed by Rainlegs.
Honeyfall: cinnamon ticked tabby she-cat. Roleplayed by Rainlegs.


Ciscopaw: light gray tabby she-cat. Roleplayed by Stoem.
Sycamorepaw: brown-and-white tomcat with darker points. Roleplayed by Stoem.

Queens & KitsEdit

Scarletclaw: a red tabby she-cat. Expecting Redstar's kits (expecting 4 or 5). Roleplayed by Fernflight.


Chanterellewhisker: a ginger tabby and white tom. Redstar's father. Roleplayed by Fernflight.
Fritilliaryflower: a plump calico she-cat. Redstar's mother.Roleplayed by Fernflight.