The Flying Star Clowder is a clowder living to the north of SunClan. The group was founded by a few stray loners after seeing a shooting star one night while hunting. The group took it as a sign to band together for the untimely end of the world as they knew it, however, the land failed to die in their lifetime. The current generation leading are the kits of those few cats, and although they are a small group, they welcome and shelter any passers-by who need their aid.

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Riptide: a black-and-white smoke tom. Leader of the clowder. Roleplayed by Rainlegs.
Arcadia: a smokey tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat. Roleplayed by Rainlegs.
Rain: a blue mink she-cat with a stubby tail; formerly a kittypet. Roleplayed by Rainlegs.